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Piercing your ears can be a fun way to display your personality.

There’s no shortage of different types of earrings that you can use to display your style, showcase your level of wealth, or just enhance your outfit.

Before you can start wearing earrings, however, you have to go through the process of having your ears pierced.

There are quite a few places that offer the service, but you may not live close to any of them.

As such, you might wonder if Walmart pierces ears since it has a jewelry section.


Does Walmart Pierce Ears?

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Yes, Walmart does pierce ears.

If you buy a pair of studs or earrings at Walmart and your ears aren’t pierced yet, then they usually offer ear piercing as well.

The piercing expert will pierce your ears, then help put in the studs.

If you have any questions about ear care after receiving a piercing, then they can help answer them for you.

While Walmart tries to have an ear piercing specialist at every store, that isn’t always the case.

As such, it’s always a good idea to ask the associate working the desk at the jewelry department if there is a specialist on hand.

They can let you know whether the specialist is working or not.

In most cases, you can get your ears pierced at Walmart.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced At Walmart?

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The service to have your ears pierced at Walmart is free.

They do, however, expect you to buy some of their earrings to receive the service.

Essentially, you buy some studs or a set of earrings, and if your ears aren’t pierced, then they’ll perform the service for free.

They might still provide the service even if you don’t buy studs or earrings, but they won’t provide you with the studs you need to keep the holes open in your ears.

As such, either way, you’re likely going to need to buy something first in order to receive the service.

Ear piercing is free at Walmart, but you’re going to need to buy earrings to receive the service.


What Is The Age Requirement For Walmart’s Ear Piercing Service?

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You need to be at least 18 years old to have Walmart pierce your ears if you’re alone.

Because ear piercings are a form of body modification, most businesses usually restrict who qualifies to receive that service.

At the very least, they only allow legal adults to make that decision for themselves.

However, Walmart can still pierce the ears of those younger than 18.

Those individuals just need a parent or guardian with them.

The parent is there to consent to the service and in case anything goes wrong.

As such, if you’re 18 or older, you can have your ears pierced by Walmart without a problem.

Those who are younger than 18 need to bring their parent or guardian with them.


What Type Of Earrings Does Walmart Offer For Ear Piercing?

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Walmart has many different types of earrings that are perfect for ear piercing.

In particular, they focus on providing studs to keep the holes in your ears from closing.

One of the problems with having your ears pierced is that the ear wants to heal itself.

It wants to close the holes.

It’s why some people have to have their ears pierced a few times in their lives.

If they don’t wear earrings often enough, then the holes in their ears might close.

When you get your ears pierced, you’ll usually wear a stud to keep the holes open while the ear heals from the procedure.

In regard to studs, Walmart has a ton of different options.

Many of them are simplistic yet still decorative and stylish.

You can find stainless steel studs, silver studs, and even gold studs.

Some come in floral designs while others are more geometric in shape and design.

Essentially, they have a stud to fit almost everyone’s aesthetic.

Walmart also has a series of home kits that you can buy to pierce your ears at home.

Those kits also include simplistic studs.

Once your ears have healed, you’re able to shop Walmart’s jewelry section to find earrings that fit your style perfectly.


Is It Safe To Get Your Ears Pierced At Walmart?

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Yes, it is safe to have your ears pierced at Walmart.

Walmart doesn’t want to have any legal problems.

While they can likely afford a lawsuit or two, the damage to Walmart’s reputation is far more concerning.

As such, they ensure that their ear-piercing specialists know how to handle ear-piercing services.

They have likely received extensive training and have performed several ear piercings in the past.

That said, if you have a young child who would like an ear piercing, then it might be a better option to take them to a tattoo parlor or a place that specializes in ear piercing.

Those individuals likely have more experience in piercing the ears of young children.

They may know better relaxation tactics than a specialist working at Walmart.

That said, those who pierce ears at Walmart follow every safety protocol possible.

They work with sanitary tools and ensure you go home with safely pierced ears.


Are There Any Special Aftercare Suggestions After Receiving An Ear Piercing Service From Walmart?

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Yes, there are a few aftercare suggestions you should consider after receiving an ear-piercing service from Walmart.

Following the suggestions can help prevent ear infections or keep the holes from closing.

One of the first things you need to do is ensure the starter earrings, or studs, remain in your ears for at least six weeks.

That also means you can’t take them out at night.

By keeping the studs in your ears, you can ensure that the holes remain open.

More importantly, it ensures that the holes don’t shrink either.

Most specialists will recommend keeping the starter earrings in your ears for at least six weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to leave them in longer than that.

To prevent an infection from occurring, it’s also a good idea to wash your hands before handling your ears or earrings.

Bacteria and germs can linger on your fingers.

If you touch your ears with your germ-covered fingers, then you could risk having it spread to your ears and causing an infection.

Instead, any time you need to touch your ears, you should wash your hands beforehand.

Sometimes germs can also spread to your earrings in other ways.

Sleeping on your pillow, for example, might spread germs to your ears.

As such, it’s not a bad idea to gently wash your earrings with some warm water and a bit of soap.

You need to ensure you wash gently to prevent any damage or pain.

If you want your piercing to heal faster, then it’s not a bad idea to use some petroleum jelly on it.

The jelly can help keep your ears moist which can lessen the time it takes for them to heal.

When using petroleum jelly, it’s a good idea to use a brand that you can squeeze directly onto the ear and piercing.

This avoids the risk of any germs spreading to the area.

Finally, always make sure to keep an eye on your ears.

If the redness lingers or you see any other problems, then you might want to remove the earrings and speak to your doctor.

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