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Aldi is a grocery store that sells quality food while maintaining low prices.

In the digital age, consumers have a growing interest in making the checkout experience as efficient and easy as possible.

One method designed to make the checkout experience efficient and easy is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a contactless form of payment that transmits funds from your Apple account to the register.

Since Apple Pay is growing in popularity, you may wonder if Aldi takes Apple Pay.


Does Aldi Take Apple Pay?



Yes, Aldi does take Apple Pay.

Aldi is one of many grocery stores that have started implementing contactless payment terminals at their registers.

They allow customers to quickly and safely pay for their groceries without having to handle cash or a card.

It also reduces the number of screens that customers need to touch which can improve the sanitary conditions in a grocery store.

Besides Apple Pay, Aldi also allows its customers to pay with Google Pay.

As such, if you’re an Apple user, then you can use your Apple Pay account to pay for your groceries the next time you’re at Aldi.


How To Use Apple Pay On Your iPhone At Aldi

iphone with apple pay logo


Before you head to Aldi, it’s a good idea to ensure your Apple Pay account is ready.

Although it’s quick to use at the checkout line, that’s only if everything is set up and ready to go beforehand.

Follow these steps to set up your Apple Pay account and use it at Aldi.


1. Set Up Your Apple Pay Account

The first step you’ll need to take is actually setting up your Apple Pay account.

The great news is that Apple does most of the work for you.

Apple Pay already exists on your iPhone.

It’s built into the Apple Wallet program.

All you need to do is tap on the wallet and start adding your payment methods.

It may require some initial information before you add your payment methods, however.

For example, it might ask for your name, birthdate, and address.

This acts as verification for your payment methods.

It might also ask you for some sort of identity verification.

You might use a PIN or a biometric verification system like a face ID or fingerprint.

Once you have the setup finished, you can start adding payment methods.


2. Add Payment Method

Because Apple Pay is already built into your iPhone, you don’t have to download anything extra.

After inputting the required information, you can start connecting your payment methods to your Apple Pay account.

You can submit almost any type of card.

You can also link your Apple Pay account to your bank.

When you buy your groceries at Aldi, the app will pull funds from the payment method you’ve selected as your primary method.

For example, if you have a credit card set as your primary payment method, then Aldi will take the funds from that credit card.

Although you can have several different payment methods listed in your wallet, you need to choose one to be your primary payment method.

You can switch your primary payment method at any time.

Once you have your payment methods ready, you’re able to start using Apple Pay at Aldi.


3. Hold iPhone In Place

After you have your items ready for checkout, you can head to the register.

You’ll need to let the cashier know that you want to pay with Apple Pay.

Once they’ve scanned your items, they’ll have the terminal emit a signal to your phone.

You may need to step closer to the terminal to receive the signal.

On your iPhone, in the wallet, you should see a prompt that asks for confirmation of the payment.

You’ll need to quickly submit the security verification that you put in place.

That might mean entering a PIN or letting your phone scan your face for verification.

Once you’ve confirmed the purchase, the funds will transfer.

You need to hold your iPhone in place until you see a green checkmark or another type of notification that indicates the transfer was successful.

As soon as you see the notification, you can take your items and leave Aldi.


How To Use Apple Pay On Your Apple Watch At Aldi

Man Using App on Apple Watch While Outside


Apple Pay doesn’t exist solely on your iPhone.

You can also use it on your Apple Watch.

Since Apple Pay exists within your Apple Wallet, any Apple product that has the Apple Wallet app on it is capable of using Apple Pay.

As such, if you have your Watch, then you can also use it to pay for your groceries at Aldi using these steps.


1. Set Up Apple Pay Account

As before, you’ll need to make sure that your Wallet is set up and ready to use before heading to Aldi.

This means you’ll need to give the account any sort of personal information that it requires.

You’ll also need to connect your payment methods and choose one as your primary method.


2. Unlock Apple Watch And Confirm Purchase

Once you’re ready to check out, you’ll need to tell the cashier that you want to pay with Apple Pay.

Like with your iPhone, the terminal will send out a signal.

Unlock your Apple Watch as usual, then go to your Wallet.

You may need to perform some sort of verification step to confirm the purchase.

After confirming the purchase, you’ll need to wait until you receive a notification.


3. Hold Watch Until The Transfer Is Complete

There’s a chance that the funds won’t transfer if you’re not close enough to the terminal.

As such, it’s a good idea to hold your Apple Watch close to the terminal while the transaction is occurring.

You’ll know the transfer is finished when you receive a notification.

Once you have that confirmation, you can take your items and leave the store.


Does Apple Pay Give You Cashback At Aldi?

Woman holding phone with Apple Pay logo on the screen


Yes, Apple Pay does give you cashback for shopping at Aldi if you’re using the Apple Card or another card that has cashback rewards.

Apple Card essentially works at every store.

You just need to set your Apple Card as your primary payment method, then use it to pay for your groceries at Aldi.

You’ll receive daily cashback for each purchase.

The same goes for using a credit card that has cashback rewards on it.

As long as Aldi qualifies as a cashback opportunity for the card, then you can also earn that way.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Aldi?

Aldi supermarket


Contactless payment methods can make the checkout experience a lot more enjoyable.

If you haven’t used it before, then you may wonder what the benefits include.

Here are some of the advantages you might encounter by using Apple Pay at Aldi.


1. Convenience

One of the best benefits of using Apple Pay at Aldi is that it’s convenient.

Grocery stores are always bustling places.

There are always people waiting in line to check out.

By using Apple Pay, you can check out quickly.

You also don’t have to worry about waiting for change or signing anything when using a card.

You simply pay with Apple Pay, and you can be on your way.


2. Secure Transaction

Apple Pay is also a lot more secure than other types of payment.

Credit cards are always vulnerable to having their information stolen due to skimmers.

Carrying lots of cash can also make you a target for thieves.

Apple provides a secure means of transferring funds without risking your private information.


3. Earn Money

Finally, even though you’re using a digital means of transferring funds, you still don’t miss out on earning money back.

If anything, Apple Pay makes it easier to earn money through cashback rewards.

You can easily switch between the different payment methods you have loaded to ensure you’re taking every opportunity to save and earn money on your purchases.

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